Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Easy Levi Throw Pillow

This month I'd like to share one of my more simple/easy creations. It is a Levi throw pillow.

I use mine on my bed. It blends nicely with my colors of yellow and navy blue and adds a bit of character  to my pillow line-up.

To make the pillow takes a pair of old jeans and some polyester stuffing. Jeans with holes in the knees work great because you cut the pillow off before it gets to the knees. In fact, cut the jeans off and the knees first. Then cut down from the waistband just to the right of the zipper as straight as you can all the way down to the knee. Fold the fabric in two and cut to form a perfect (as possible) rectangle, cutting out the back seam of the jeans in similar fashion. The sew the new side seam and bottom seam. You may have to take a tuck or ease the fabric in places to make it fit the other side. Stuff, and then top stitch the top seam closed, maintaining the look of the waistband.