Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Kerri Sue Jensen's

Today is the eighth day of the Promises Blog Tour. Kerri Sue Jensen, or Suey as many know her by, talks about the little promises we make everyday that we don't often realize we're doing, but still they are important to keep. Stop over at her blog and read more about these promises and her review of my book Promises.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Aimee Brown's

Just for fun, we've added an extra stop today in the Promises blog tour. You'll want to hop over to Getting Your Read On and read Aimee Brown's thought's on my book and how Hattie's life growing up next to Bryce Canyon over a hundred years ago reminds Aimee of her days as a kid in southern Utah.
Thanks, Aimee.

Blog Tour Stop at Jennifer Kindrick's

Today is the seventh day of the Promises Blog tour. Stop on over at Jennifer Kindrick's blog and read the delightful review she gave my book and enter her contest for a chance to win a copy. She has also shared some insightful views on the subject of making promises. You'll want to make sure you visit this stop.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Jenn Wilkes

Today is the sixth day of my book's blog tour. Hop over to Jenn Wilkes blog and see what she has to say about promises.

If you'd like, refresh your mind about all the cool things happening with my Promises blog tour too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at the Writer's Dojo

Before you hop on over to the Writer's Dojo (which is an awesome blog where writers can hone their skills and become writing ninjas), I'd like to share a great story with you, one about promises of course. Its a story from the 2000 Friend about a boy who promises to keep the Sabbath, and then is faced with a seemingly impossible decision. He sees the only solution is to work on the Sabbath. He then exercises faith and tells the man who hired him he'll have to quit rather than work on Sunday. Come find out the miraculous end of the story.

And if you haven't already, make sure you enter my giveaway contest.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Cheri Chesley's

It's the fourth day of the Promises blog tour, hop on over to Cheri Chesley's blog to read a heart-warming story about a promise her grandfather made.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Maria Hogland's

Today's stop on my blog tour is at Maria Hogland's. I swear I posted this last night, but somehow it got lost in the cybersphere. I'm totally baffled. But  please, stop on over at Maria's blog to see what she has to say about Promises.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Tour Stop at Taffy Lovell's

It's the second day of the Promises Blog Tour and that means a stop at Taffy Lovells' blog. I love her story about of a friend of hers who actually stuck a needle in her eye when she didn't keep a promise. You'll want to read that one. And then check out what Taffy had to say about my book, Promises. And don't forget to enter my giveaway contest.

Yesterday was my book launch party at the Layton Barnes and Noble. Thanks to all of my friends and family that came out to support me. I had a great time signing next to some great authors friends of mine, Cindy Hogan and Rachelle Christensen. I also met some new author friends, Miriam Barton and Valerie Ackley. All of their books, I felt were top notch and I felt honored to sign with them.

I hear there were a lot of book signings going on yesterday around the state. Did any of you have a chance to make it to some of those?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

My book comes out TODAY. Hooray!

Today is the day I've been awaiting for the past six years--since I started writing seriously. My book will be officially released at 3:00 pm at my book launch party at the Layton Barnes and Noble. But right now, in the wee hours of the night, begins my Promises blog tour. Before each of these bloggers tell you what they think about my book, I have asked them to share an experience of theirs (or of a family member or of a friend), that has to do with making promises.

The first stop on my blog tour is at the awesome, Jordan McCollum's blog. She is a friend and fellow writer. When I asked her about making promises, she said she thought about making and keeping covenants. Hop on over to her blog and see what else she has to say. And make sure you enter my awesome giveaway.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Official PROMISES Blog Tour

Several years ago my husband came across the hand-written memoirs of his grandmother, Hattie, Adair Jolley. A good friend of ours, Brad Westwood, the historian over acquisitions at the LDS Church History library, encouraged us to donate her memoirs to the library. In return he gave us a type-written transcription of the memoirs on CD. I read them and relished them, for I remembered hearing my mother-in-law often tell stories of her mother as she grew up in the newly formed town of Tropic, and how, as a little girl, she played in the nearby canyon. To me it was the perfect setting for a children’s book, and I often daydreamed what it would be like, playing amongst the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.
            When I started my writing career, I drew from those day dreams. I read Hattie’s memoirs in detail, and did a lot of research. The culmination of those efforts has come forward as my first novel, Promises.
            Studying the lives of real people of the past has made history come alive for me. I have found writing historical fiction a very satisfying and rewarding pursuit.  I have several other novels in the works that also draws upon real lives from the past and intertwines them with fictional intrigue to create stories that educate and entertain.

            In celebration for the release of Hattie’s story, and my novel, Promises, I would like to invite you on a tour—a blog tour that will take you to fourteen different stops, each sharing a tidbit from their lives, or lives of their ancestors and promises they have made and kept, and perhaps some made and not kept.



PROMISES by Carolyn Twede Frank
PROTECTED by Cindy Hogan.
Cindy and I have joined together to reach more readers and be able to tell more readers about our new books that launch today.

now on sale
now on sale

To learn more about Cindy Hogan's awesome new YA suspense novel, check out her website and then all of the great things bloggers have to say about her book. Don't forget to leave a comment on her site for another entry into my super giveaway contest, and then check out her terrific giveaway of a 2 night, 3 day vacation.

You can find it at:
Barnes and Noble (Nook)
Amazon (paperback)
Amazon (Kindle)
Or purchase a paperback copy directly from me at my puppet website

Click here to view my website if you want to learn more about the story, or read the first chapter of Promises.
Click here to learn how you can win some fantasitic prizes I'm giving away as a way to celebrate my new book, Promises.
Click here if you want to view the book trailer for Promises.

The first stop on my tour, will be author, Jordan McCollum's blog. Stop back here on Saturday and read about her story of promises.
And don't forget to leave a comment to receive an easy entry into my super giveaway contest.

See what all these people are saying about making promises of their own, and about my book, Promises:
March 24:  Jordan McCollum
March 25:  Taffy Lovell     
March 26:  Maria Hogland
March 27:  Cheri Chesley 
March 28:  Ali Cross        
March 29:  Jenn Wilkes    
March 30:  Jennifer Kindrick
March 31:  Kerri sue Jensen
April 1:      Sandra Stiles   
April 2:      Renae Mackley
April 3:      Connie Hall     
April 4:      Mary Ann Dennis
April 5:      Tristi Pinkston 
April 6:      Shelly Seele    
April 7:      Shiela Staley   
April 7:      Heidi Grange  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Promises Giveaway Contest

In celebration of my new novel, I'm giving away an awesome prize that is reminisent of my pre-writing days as a puppeteer. It's easy to enter, just follow the rafflecopter instructions at the bottom of this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Word: Priorities

The past few weeks of my life have been more than hectic. With the upcoming release of my first novel, Promises, I have been busy trying to get my ducks in a row with the printing and promotion of my book. On top of that, my sixteen-year-old daughter, Danielle, has had mono and has basically had to be home schooled. But even more than her educational needs, my daughter has needed my emotional support. She suffers depression and has an anxiety disorder that has been exacerbated by this bout with mono. I've had to put my writing almost on hold. My PR efforts have taken a back seat. It's okay. My daughter is, and should be, my first priority.

But I know, deep down inside, that if I take care of life's highest priorities first, everything else I need to do will somehow fit it and life will carry on just fine. It's like trying to fill a jar with rocks. If I put the largest ones in first, then the next largest, and the next, etc., until all I have left is the sand-size priorities, they will fit into the jar better than if I were to put the sand in first. The key here is where I place my writing as a priority.

Are books your first priority, or are people? How does your choice in this matter affect you?

To an author,
working on their books
would appear the most important task of all.
But in reality,
when compared to relationships
the import of books is really rather small.
outweigh by far
the value of a story upon white pages.
Not to mention,
a story would be nothing
without the spice of human relationships
formed throughout the ages.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Promises BLOG TOUR starts in 2 weeks

Only two weeks to go until my blog tour starts. I will be teaming up with the awesome Cindy Hogan to launch my book and go on tour. She's releasing her new YA suspense novel, Protected. It is the second book in her Watched Series. I feel honored to be able to team up with her as I release my first novel, Promises.

Keep your eyes posted on my blog, as it will be loads of fun, with awesome prizes, book giveaways, and two weeks of great blogs to visit.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday's Words: Book Trailer

I hope you enjoyed the trailer for my new book, Promises. Feel free to share it all you want. (Look for the link in the sidebar). It was produced by my son-in-law, Matthew Norman. He is studying communications at college and is establishing his own media company on the side. If you are interested in having him make a book trailer for you, or any similar work, contact him at
Just a reminder, the book comes out on March 24. Watch for details about my book launch party and the  book blog tour that my awesome writing community is hosting for me.