Saturday, March 24, 2012

My book comes out TODAY. Hooray!

Today is the day I've been awaiting for the past six years--since I started writing seriously. My book will be officially released at 3:00 pm at my book launch party at the Layton Barnes and Noble. But right now, in the wee hours of the night, begins my Promises blog tour. Before each of these bloggers tell you what they think about my book, I have asked them to share an experience of theirs (or of a family member or of a friend), that has to do with making promises.

The first stop on my blog tour is at the awesome, Jordan McCollum's blog. She is a friend and fellow writer. When I asked her about making promises, she said she thought about making and keeping covenants. Hop on over to her blog and see what else she has to say. And make sure you enter my awesome giveaway.


  1. Thanks, Jordan, for your wonderful stop on my blog tour.

  2. Carolyn!
    We were sad we couldn't make it over to Barnes and Noble today, but I did download your book onto my Nook! Looking forward to reading it again. Hope there was a big crowd!

  3. I got a sore throat, I talked so much. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.