Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Official PROMISES Blog Tour

Several years ago my husband came across the hand-written memoirs of his grandmother, Hattie, Adair Jolley. A good friend of ours, Brad Westwood, the historian over acquisitions at the LDS Church History library, encouraged us to donate her memoirs to the library. In return he gave us a type-written transcription of the memoirs on CD. I read them and relished them, for I remembered hearing my mother-in-law often tell stories of her mother as she grew up in the newly formed town of Tropic, and how, as a little girl, she played in the nearby canyon. To me it was the perfect setting for a children’s book, and I often daydreamed what it would be like, playing amongst the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon.
            When I started my writing career, I drew from those day dreams. I read Hattie’s memoirs in detail, and did a lot of research. The culmination of those efforts has come forward as my first novel, Promises.
            Studying the lives of real people of the past has made history come alive for me. I have found writing historical fiction a very satisfying and rewarding pursuit.  I have several other novels in the works that also draws upon real lives from the past and intertwines them with fictional intrigue to create stories that educate and entertain.

            In celebration for the release of Hattie’s story, and my novel, Promises, I would like to invite you on a tour—a blog tour that will take you to fourteen different stops, each sharing a tidbit from their lives, or lives of their ancestors and promises they have made and kept, and perhaps some made and not kept.



PROMISES by Carolyn Twede Frank
PROTECTED by Cindy Hogan.
Cindy and I have joined together to reach more readers and be able to tell more readers about our new books that launch today.

now on sale
now on sale

To learn more about Cindy Hogan's awesome new YA suspense novel, check out her website and then all of the great things bloggers have to say about her book. Don't forget to leave a comment on her site for another entry into my super giveaway contest, and then check out her terrific giveaway of a 2 night, 3 day vacation.

You can find it at:
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Click here to view my website if you want to learn more about the story, or read the first chapter of Promises.
Click here to learn how you can win some fantasitic prizes I'm giving away as a way to celebrate my new book, Promises.
Click here if you want to view the book trailer for Promises.

The first stop on my tour, will be author, Jordan McCollum's blog. Stop back here on Saturday and read about her story of promises.
And don't forget to leave a comment to receive an easy entry into my super giveaway contest.

See what all these people are saying about making promises of their own, and about my book, Promises:
March 24:  Jordan McCollum
March 25:  Taffy Lovell     
March 26:  Maria Hogland
March 27:  Cheri Chesley 
March 28:  Ali Cross        
March 29:  Jenn Wilkes    
March 30:  Jennifer Kindrick
March 31:  Kerri sue Jensen
April 1:      Sandra Stiles   
April 2:      Renae Mackley
April 3:      Connie Hall     
April 4:      Mary Ann Dennis
April 5:      Tristi Pinkston 
April 6:      Shelly Seele    
April 7:      Shiela Staley   
April 7:      Heidi Grange  

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