Sunday, May 3, 2009

Combat Arthritis: cut out refined foods

I promised I would eat better this week. Well, the first of the week I started out with a bang. Big salads with lots of healthy greens for lunch or a freshly juiced glass of carrot apple juice, that was Monday and Tuesday. Immediately my knees started feeling better.

Let me backtrack for a minute. Last January I went in for a bit of same day surgery. I had a torn miniscus on my left knee. It seemed like forever before the pain went a way and I could walk again for fun. Just as my knee started to feel somewhat normal, I moved my business. I over-worked my knees, along with bumping them around more than was good. It sent my knees back to how they felt in January.

Now you might be thinking, hey, I thought she said she had surgery on only one knee. Why is she suddenly refering to pain in both of them. Well, my other knee has been diagnosis with arthritis.

Now comes the cool part. Both knees have started feeling better immediately upon illiminating refined foods from my diet and increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. The latter part of the week I attended a paraeducator's conference in Salt Lake City, where I sold some puppets left over from my previous business. It's hard to eat good when you sit all day in a hotel conference room selling stuff. The pain in my knees has returned to some degree.

I'm thinking the knee that had surgery is maybe succumbing to arthritis. The doctor said it should be healed from surgery by now. I have heard that there is a correation between nutrition and the natural cortizone that your body produces. I'm going to try again this week to eat lots of fresh food and illiminate the junk. We'll see how my knees are doing next week.

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