Sunday, June 7, 2009

Teen Writers Conferece

My 13 year old daughter Danielle attended the Teen Writers Conference at Weber State yesterday. She absolutely loved it, telling me that she learned lots and wants to be a New York Best selling author one day.

I want to applaud the organizers of the conference. There were well over 100 attendees (they originally thought they might only get about 30 participants), and the price was nominal. I'm sure most of the authors donated their time and services. What an awesome thing to do to help encourage these young kids to write. I wish they would have had a conference like this when I was a teen, (then maybe it wouldn't have taken until I was 50 to discover I want to be an author).

It's known in many circles that Utah produces more good YA/children's authors than any other state per capita. I'm sure this first annual teen writers conference will only add to the number of good authors produced by this state. Go kids!

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