Sunday, July 19, 2009

High-concept Books; I Think Mine Fits

To my multitude of readers, (ha, ha), sorry for the my lapse in posting on my blog. I've been trying to recuperate from burning my candle from both ends and thus burning myself out physically. I'm doing better now. No promises that I will be better at posting, because I've got to spend my spare time polishing up my novel Literary Loom. I'm attending the SCBWI national conference in LA in a few weeks. I hope to find an agent or a publisher while there.

After reading an article in the August Children's Writer newsletter, I'm optimistic about my manuscript. In the artilce they talked about high-concept books. These are works that can be described and pitched in a single sentence. The primary appeal of the work is right there in the concept. There's a straightforward hook to snag an audience. With increasing frequency, editors and agents are requesting and buying high-concept projects. I was told that my book fits into this catagory by a fellow writer in my critique group, Matt Kirby (who, by the way, recently sold his first novel to Scholastic).

So here's my high-concept pitch. Let me know what you think--if you want.

Fifteen year old Josh experiences book travel with the help of a Literary Loom and is able to delve into books, reliving history and discovering the ultimate source of all freedom.

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