Friday, December 31, 2010

Round up the Year with a Rhyme

Another year has drawn to a close.
Yet life's pace never rests or slows,
flying me into yet another year
without time to reflect or shed a tear.
Was it good? Was it bad?
What things made me sad?
Better yet, what things brought a smile?
The year, did I make it worth while?
Two graduates and one new grandson;
I wrote a book and read twenty one;
taught primary songs to bright smiling faces,
rode our new Vette to lots of new places,
sent a son to Alaska via the MTC--
though for two years his smile won't be mine to see.
Life has been good. Life has been grand.
And I owe it all to God's good hand.
Then why am I sad at the end of twothousand ten?
Because I hate good-byes to things I'll never see again.

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