Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Hug

I've always been the strong one; the one giving out the hugs and consolations, rarely receiving them--because I didn't need them. I thought. Last week, when I got sick, the tables turned for me. After finally leaving the hospital in Soda Springs and preparing to crawl back into the car and venture three more hours to home, I remember this overwhelming need for a hug. I petitioned my husband. As his arms wrapped around me an amazing sense of balm flowed into my body, comforting and infusing it with a sense of strength to go on. I remember thinking, is this why those around me are always asking for hugs?
It was almost worth getting sick so that I might experience the power of other side of the hug. No longer will I flippantly pass out hugs, discounting their importance. Hugs hold something real. And more of them are needed in this ever-more-difficult world we live in.

Hugs are real,
they help you feel
the balm of love and hope.
Hugs are free,
at least should be,
so give more, don't be a dope.

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