Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An awesome letter to share

No poem about a letter of the alphabet today, but I would like to share a different kind of letter.

I had so much fun with the A to Z blogging challenge that I almost hate to see it go. But I don't have the time to blog everyday forever. In the past, I chose to blog every Wednesday about a different word that caught my attention during the previous week. I plan to do something similar this next year, but I'm going to move my blog posts to Tuesday. For some reason, that is the day my site seemed to garner the most hits. So instead of Wednesday's Word, it's going to be Tuesday's Tellings.

This week I'd like to tell you about an e-mail I received from a local Junior High librarian that I had given a copy of my new book Promises a week and a half earlier. Her letter made my day. But instead of actually telling about it, I'd rather show it to you. (That's what a good writer would do anyway :))

                What a delightful  and well written story. It is perfect for 7th grades, not only in the story and style, but in its content. IN grade 7 students study Utah history and we are always trying to find fiction to go along. I will definitely add this book to my library collection as well as recommending it to students and teachers.
                I was taken by Hattie as she suffered her sadness  over her forgotten birthday ,quietly.  I grew to love her insightfulness, her persistence and her integrity. The gently treated romantic interest with Arthur is perfect.
I know that you have written this from your religious perspective as a Mormon, but as a non-Mormon I have to say you did this with accuracy and diplomatically. Of course our Utah history  begins and ends with the courage and tenacity of the Mormons. Hattie embodies that, as well as giving courage and integrity to a female role model.
I am going to include a review on my Goodreads book list so that all the other librarians can read it.
Thank you for gifting me with this book and for sharing the memoirs of a wonderful Lady.

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