Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"The Land of the Free," what does that mean.

The other day I heard someone's paradigm on this question, and it about blew me away. I was talking to the receptionist at my OBGYN's office, mentioning how I had to hurry and get in my annual mama-gram before I lost my insurance. She gave me her condolences and was interested in my story. I told her my husband had lost his job because of Obama-care. Without going into the details I told her, ('that's another story for another day), she proceeded to vent her frustration about how those who have government assisted healthcare still cry about having to pay their co-pay. Then she told me an instance that made us both shake our heads in disbelief. When this particular woman was asked to pay her portion of her government-subsidized health care, she proceeded to complain. "I thought this was the land of the free?" she said. "Why should I have to pay anything?"

Land of the free lunch, you mean? If that what some of my fellow countryman think of as the definition of "free," then this country is in serious trouble. To me, the freedom my forefathers fought for, was freedom from oppressive governments, freedom to worship God according to the dictates of my own heart, and the freedom to work hard and become whatever I want to be. If the above mentioned person is to have her way, and gets her perpetual free lunch, it will ultimately be the demise of all those freedoms that I hold dear. Is that fair?

Everyone needs to contribute. Even if it's small. To offer even a token effort, or a show of gratitude for the gifts that are given to those in need, would go far in restoring the health of our ailing economy. But for those on the government dole, who complain about paying their $5 copay for complete healthcare coverage, that I am now completely without, I should have the freedom to tell them to read a history book and learn what our fathers meant when they referred to this country as the "land of the free."


  1. I think we have NO concept of what Obamacare and so many other Presidential executive privilege orders are going to do with us, starting January 1.It is terrifying. I hope things are going ok with you guys. I think about you all the time.

  2. make this less about you