Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book give away: Promises

It's about time for another contest on my blog. This time I'm going to give away a copy of my own book, Promises. This is my first novel, but certainly not my last. It's receive very positive reviews and it's a fun read for kids and adults alike.

A quick blurb about the book:

Hattie is barely twelve when her pa’s “business adventures” disrupt her family and move them to the new town of Tropic, nestled in the shadows of old Ebenezer Bryce’s Canyon. Her pa views the town as opportunity. Hattie is hopelessly shy and views it with apprehension; she dreads the task of making new friends. More than anything else, Hattie wants to be like her father—not afraid of meeting new people, talking to strangers, and standing up for herself. So it is with trepidation that she accepts her pa’s challenge and promises to make new friends.
Hattie forms more promises as she struggles to make friends, finding companionship in places she wouldn’t have expected and learning that there is a difference between complaining and standing up for oneself.
            Promises is a heartwarming story of friendship with a touch of mystery and adventure set in the days before Bryce Canyon became a national park. Drawn from the memoirs of early Utah settlers, it is a realistic glimpse into the past and a delightful story for readers ages eight to eighty.

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Easy Easy contest instructions:
1. Become a follower of my blog.
2. Leave a comment to this post

The contest runs through November 10. I will then randomly select one winner for every five comments entered. So you have a one in five chance to win. Make sure you leave me an e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.


  1. Oh, fun! I bet my kids would like to read that. I'm already a follower. =)

  2. I'm a follower (long-time follower!)
    You're so kind to do a giveaway :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing, so, PLEASE, enter me!!! I'm already a follower, of course! : )

  4. I'm already a follower and I would love to win your book.

  5. The book looks so cute! I'm a follower now!

  6. Hi Carolyn! Yes, It's easier to leave a comment now. Your book was a great read but I gave my copy to a school library. If I win, I'll keep this one for my grandkids. Follower, of course.

  7. I'm already a follower and I have a copy of your book...but I'd love to win one for my grandchildren.

    Inklings @ margothovley.com

  8. This book sounds awesome! I'm a follower. :)

  9. Cool. I love that area of Utah. Its so beautiful. I hope I win!

  10. Congrats on your book! I'm already a follower.

  11. Cool. I hope I win. :) I'm already a follower.

  12. Sounds like a good book! And I'm a follower now.

  13. Your book sounds wonderful. I'm a follower now!

  14. Dunno.
    Utah's full of corruption.
    Ussopper to Utota..
    And " frankly" is too in Rgyquo.
    Crea-ti-v-i-ty being what it is with Sodaypa .
    And Standpd 33.

  15. Ithink I commented on this. Not usure.