Friday, January 11, 2013

What do you do on a SNOW DAY?

A blanket of white
after a quiet night
makes me want to write.
So that's what I'll do,
after this quick post to you.
Sorry, my words are so few,
but I want to write.

Okay, so my blog is writing. But it's not helping me finish my edits on my new book that's coming out in a few months, or work on my new story idea. I don't know how some of those authors do it; write religiously each week in their blog, be on facebook every day, and chat in all of their yahoo groups, plus pump out their necessary pages/edits to be a successful author? If I had my way, I'd bow out of social media--it's so time consuming. But I know that it's essential in promoting one's books.

Oh, well, that's where balance comes in.

How do you keep a balance between social media and the things you NEED to do?

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