Friday, April 4, 2014

Delay in Release of My Next Book :(

I've had a major upheaval today concerning the release of my upcoming book. It was literally 15 minutes away from going to press when I received word from Max Adam, the gentleman whose story I was retelling in the book, and he expressed his disapproval and major concern with the title, I Wouldn't Serve Hitler, My publisher has been scrambling and came up with a new title that Max approved of. The new title will be Surviving Hitler: A Mormon Soldier in the German Army.

This means the book's release date will be pushed back several weeks, if not longer. Strangely, I'm very at peace with it all. The last thing I would want to do is create a book that Max would not be proud to have his name attached to. It will be worth the delay to have everything done right. Ironically, I finally received the image for my book cover first thing this morning for my approval--I'd been waiting on it what felt like forever. I actually really liked it. I'll share it with you--even if it's going to totally be changed now.

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