Thursday, August 27, 2009

NPR Study about Virtual Reality

If you love to read, you'll love this.

Reading has been found to be in essence, a form of virtual reality. A study done in the psychology department at Washington University in St. Louis made this discovery. They made MRI scans of peoples' brains as they read, and found that the brain waves were similar for a person reading about an activty and actually performing that activity.

When I first heard about this study on NPR I was blown away. Not just because I found it extremely interesting, but because it was it was almost a made-to-order bit of research that brings a bit of real science to the science fiction novel I was working on at the time.

In my book Literary Loom, 15 year old Josh travels through books in a virtual reality type experience. I wove in the science behind the research done at Washington University, I think, making my manuscript more believeable.

To access this NPR article, click on the title of this post, as it is a link to the article.

If you are interested in learning more about my novel, Literary Loom, stay posted to my blog, as I will post updates on its progress. Yesterday I sent a query to Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. I am waiting to hear back from here as to how and when I can send my manuscript to her. At the recent SCBWI conference in LA I met with Kelly and she expressed interest in my book. In the past few weeks have furiously tried to trim off several thousand words, as per her instructions, so I could send it into her for consideration.

Wish me Luck.

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