Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Review: Mr. Monster

Dan Wells's new release, Mr. Monster is a perfect read for the Halloween season. You'll be scared, creeped out, and entertained with a story that's hard to put down. I enjoyed his first book in the John Cleaver series, I am not a Serial Killer. Dan Wells did a great job in maintaining the same "edge of your seat" story with Mr. Monster, taking his readers to an even higher level of horror, without being disgusting.
Teenager, John Cleaver, is battling to keep a part of him suppressed, a part that thinks about things that serial killers would. When he discovers that he has feelings for Brooke, and she reciprocates, he discovers that perhaps he can keep Mr. Monster in check, and that he is not the creep he had always imagined people thought he was. But another serial killer has brutalized John's small town. He is obsessed with learning more about the case--mostly in an effort to make sure that his role in murding the first serial killer, who happened to be non-human demon, does not become known. He is taken prisoner by this new killer and discovers that it is another demon. The demon has imprisoned several women in a discusting, barricaded house, where he keeps them chained up as his "toys." John is able to rise above his Mr. Monster tendancies and is instrumental in destroying this demon as well.
This book would probably never make it into Deseret Book, even though Dan Wells is a local LDS author. It's not a G-rated book, but it's not R-rated either. My fourteen year old daughter read it and loved it, and I had no problem letting her read it. It's in the horror genre. What do you expect, Ernest Scared Stupid?

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  1. Ooh, this is on my TBR list! Glad to hear you liked it Carolyn!