Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book Review: Octavian Nothing; The Pox Party

This was a thought provoking book that took me on a different sort of ride compared to most of the YA books I have read as of late. It was definately literary-type fiction, rather than a quick read of commerical fiction. Still, I enjoyed it. The descriptions of the author, M.T. Anderson, at times were almost poetic. He captured the dialogs of 1776 early Americans with an accuracy that transported me into the story and back in time with ease.

Octavian, a slave boy raised as aristocrat as part of an experiment by some excentric philosopher/scientists, wins my heart easily. He is a main character I shall never forget. I immediately cared about him. He pulled me into the story about the injustice of slavery, the revolutionary war, and a young black boy who had been raised like a prince and then lowered back into the depths of slavery, simply because of the color of his skin. A must read for lovers of history and the injustice of slavery/prejudice.

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  1. Sounds really interesting. Thanks for the heads up.