Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Review: Moon Over Manifest (This year's Newberry)

This year's Newberry winner is a delightful mix of nostalga, history and a longing to belong. I found the author's unique twist in storytelling both intriguing and refreshing.

Moon Over Manifest begins with a tom-boy, Depression-era stock heroine, Abilene Tucker, arriving in her father's hometown of Manifest, Kansas. She's used to hopping trains, poor living conditions,and a rough life. She discovers some forgotten treasures of another homeless child her foster-type guardian, Shady, had taken in years before. As she works to unravel the mystery of these trinkets, she opens up a story from the past and puts the pieces together to find where she fits into its folds.

The last Newberry I read was The Graveyard Book. Though I found Neil Gaiman's prose absolutely delightful to read, I didn't care much for the story. Clare Vanderpool's prose in Moon Over Manifest were nothing outstanding, put her story tugged at my heartstrings with warmth I enjoyed and very much missing in the Graveyard Book.

I would easily recomend this book to those who love a homespun type of story, and lovers of history. And I would give it 100 stars compared to Snooki's book, A Shore Thing. (Check out this past post to see what I am referring to).


  1. Great book. It's the kind of story teachers will enjoy sharing with their students for years and years.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the review Carolyn! (and did you seriously read Snooki's book?!)

  3. I only read the first 30 pages. That was enough to tell me I didn't want to read further.