Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Time

I feel bad. I haven't had time to hop to everyone's site participating in the Awesome August blog hop and it ends today. But I would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit mine. TIME!!! Out of everything on this earth, that is the thing that I covet more than anything. I see my aging mother-in-law who wastes away in front of the TV or her picture puzzles with too much time on her hands. I wish I could borrow some from her. (So much so, that it has inspired my next novel, which unfortunately is at least a year away before I can start, because--you guessed it--I don't have time for it right now). I feel like I am making efficient use of my time--I rarely, rarely watch TV and I always bring a book with me anywhere or time I have to wait in line or something like that--but I still want more. Perhaps it's because I want to accomplish too many things. Is that bad?  Should a person cut back on their dreams simply because there is apparently not enough time to acheive them?

is a treasured thing;
there is never enough
to accomplish my dream,
and do all my stuff.
to fix and to find
and share with another.
But it's part of the grind
of being a mother.

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