Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday is the New Wednesday, or Is Time Speeding Up?

I kind of goofed yesterday. I meant to preset my blog post to publish Wednesday morning (this morning), but instead I pressed PUBLISH. I didn't know how to reverse it, so you got Wednesday's word on Tuesday. Oh well, it's not the end of the world I figured. I'm just hurrying your week along. 

For some people that could be a good thing--speeding up a dragging week. But for people like me, I don't need life to move along any faster. I swear the earth is spinning around on its axis much faster than it did when I was a kid. The term "endless summer" truely fit back then. This past summer, however, it seemed to zip by at the speed of light. I went up to the local farmer's market stand Monday to buy some corn on the cob. They told me they had just sold out that morning and there would be no more corn. The season was over. I had to hold back an emotional "NO," summer just started yesterday, didn't it? Or so it seemed to me.

Is it only me that feels time is moving by faster than it used to?

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