Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Book Trailers

This morning, rather than composing a post for my blog, I got on the subject of book trailers with my daughter. (That's why this post is so late). She shared with me some of the music my son-in-law had written, performed and recorded. I mentioned I should have her husband create some music for a book trailer for my novel Hattie's Promise. "What's a book trailer?" she said. So I commenced to visist some of my writing buddies' blogs and showed her samples of book trailers.

Some were simple, others involved actors and were much more complex, but all captured my attention better than any written blurb ever could. It cemented for me the need to produce a book trailer for my soon to be released book. That fact that I am self-publishing only increases the importance. When my daughter then said, "Matt could so do that," refering to the production of a book trailer, I became very excited. He is a communications major and has all the equipment, skills and talent to produce a quality trailer. I can see the promotion of my first novel fall into place. But I'm even more excited for my son-in-law. If he can produce a quality trailer for my book, and the word gets around that he is available to do the same for others, perhaps this can not only be a way for him to add to his portfolio, but to bring in a few extra dollars to the "poor, starving college kids" that live in my basement apartment.

For those of you who are like my daughter, and have never seen a book trailer before, I have tried to include a YouTube clip of the book trailer for a group of my writer friends who are releasing their books together on November 11. They have launched a book tour, entitling it the Dark C.A.R.M.A. tour, CARMA coming from the first letter of all the participating authors, (clever, huh?). Unfortunately, I'm to technologically inept and I couldn't do it. Visit my friend, Christine Bryants blog to view it, also if you want to learn more about  their blog tour.

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