Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review: Bound by Christine Bryant

Bound is a debut YA paranormal romance by an amazing new author, Christine Bryant.    

When Kira’s deadbeat mother abandons her, she looks to her friend Lydia to become her surrogate family. When she discovers that the father that supposedly lived with Lydia in their old trailer home never existed, and her brother lives in a cave in the mountains, Kira’s world really begins to spiral out of control. She really has no choice but to stay with Lydia and her mysterious family—she has nobody else to turn to.
                In time she discovers Lydia and her brother Octavian are royalty from another world, hiding out on earth from their treacherous older sister who seeks to kill Lydia. Kira is swept up in their plight, being sucked into their magical way of life and bound to Lydia by means of an enchanted bracelet. She too gains powers, but they only serve to pull her deeper into Lydia’s and Octavian’s world and their problems.
                The book started out with a burst of intrigue, pulling me in immediately. As Kira learned about Lydia’s world, the pace slacked off, allowing me to set the book down often. But when the characters from Lydia’s world merged with Kira’s world, the intrigue returned and I had a hard time setting the book down. I was glad I had stuck with the story.
                Just a word of warning for those who don’t like to be left dangling at the end of a book, required by the author to wait for the sequel to gain a full resolution, you might not like this book. But if you’re one of those readers who love cliff hanger endings, you will love this book.
                I’m looking forward to the sequel.

For more information on the Dark CARma book tour, of which Bound is a part, check out the tour's website.


  1. Thanks for reviewing my book, Carolyn. I'm glad you liked it. I'll be sure to include you in the tour for BROKEN, the second book in the series, when it comes out next spring.

  2. Good review, as always, Carolyn!

  3. Really enjoyed this book!!!! I'm recommending it to by book worm friends :)