Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hard Work, Perseverance, and Patience Will Pay Off.

Hard work, perseverance, and patience are most always rewarded. Not just in the writing world, but in all aspects of life.

A great example of this is my son, Elder Jordan Frank, who is currently serving an LDS mission in Alaska. It has been tough for him. Either his companions have come loaded with problems, (laziness, anger issues, or in need of being baby sat), the areas he is assigned to wanes horribly in terms of interest in God and or/ apathy from the church members, or he is stuck in a place like Barrow for the winter months where even if the town was something to look at (which it isn't), he couldn't see much of it because it was dark 24/7. With six months left to serve, he has been sent to Juneau. He has only been there a little over two weeks and he has two baptisms lined up, with more in the wings. His companion is easy going, but a hard worker. He drives a Subaru Forester, and  he lives in a cabin on the beach; Auke Bay is in his back yard and Mendenhall Glacier is in his front. The post-card-like picture above is taken from his deck. "Life is sweet," as he puts it.

I'm taking encouragement from my son's current setting. I have hope that my hard work, perseverance, and patience in terms of my writing will soon be rewarded in a similar way. I have been writing seriously for six and a half years. I've often been told that it takes about six to ten years to acquire the status of successful published author. It's almost like obtaining a PhD. There are no short cuts to becoming a doctor, so why should it be any different for the professionals who tend to another aspect of mankind's health--that of the mind. To keep our minds healthy, they need stimulation, relaxation, and to be fed. Reading is the best medicine for this.

Just like attending med-school, I feel confident that I, or any writer, can and will find success if I just implement the aforementioned three qualities: HARD WORK, PERSEVERANCE, AND PATIENCE.


  1. So true. Patience is an attitude to cultivate. Your goal should center around the joy of writing. But, we often wonder if our hard work is worth the effort if nobody sees it. Think of the great painters who died unrecognized. As a safety net, keep your work somewhere where someone will find it. I sent a copy of all my books to a trusted friend. She promised to publish them if the need arose.

    Luckily, two of my novels have been accepted by different publishers, with the next three or more in the series assured for both. Okay, I only worked at them for five and a half years, but that was eight hours a day, seven days a week. Compare that to a couple of hours a day for someone else and the hours are much more.

    It's all a matter of perspective. Love what you do and do it well. The rest will follow.

  2. So true, Francene. Thanks for you comments, and congratulations on your novels that have been accepted for publication.