Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Solar eclipses and good reads

Last week my critique group took a break from crtiquing, donned some funky glasses, and looked at the sun.
This was Tuesday, June 5, when Venus passed in front of the sun. Okay, so this "monumental" event won't take place again for at least another 100+ years, and astronomers all had their telescopes ready and waiting for the big event, the hype (for me) didn't match the event. All I saw was a small pin-prick of black in the upper right hand corner of the sun. Anticlimactic to say the least. Perhaps if I were to have a big, fancy telescope like my neighbor, it might have been cooler. But chances are, it still wouldn't have lived up to the hype for me
This made me think of books. (Of course, everything makes me think of books). I have purchased numerous books, influenced to shell out the buck by the hype of extensive marketing ploys. I, like the whole planet seemed to know about these books and looked forward to their release dates. But did that necessarily make the book an awesome read for me? No. Good PR does not necessary equate a good read. I need a well written story that leaves me feeling uplifted when  I'm done. No amount of advertising will provide those elements, only the author can do that.
What makes for a good read for you? Has lots of hype and PR lead you to good reads, or have you found them elsewhere? Have you ever been disappointed with a book you were influenced to purchase?

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