Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer is half gone--where did it go?

It's the middle of July, that means summer is basically half over. Where has the time gone? It feels like Memorial Day was just yesterday. I swear that time moves faster than it did fifty years ago. As a child, summer felt endless. I never hear kids say that now. I really do think that time is moving by at increased speed. Perhaps the angels in heaven are spinning the earth around and around, picking up speed like one of those old playground merry-go-rounds, (another blast from the past that has changed--a whole other topic for another day). They see the mess the world is in and they are just trying to help things out by bringing closer the day that Christ returns. That's my slant on this whole, "there's never enough time anymore" syndrome. There has to be some explanation.
What's your explanation--or at least thoughts?


  1. The way this summer has been in terms of weather, I'll be happy to see it gone. I mean every day it's like 95-100! In Michigan! That's crazy. Lousy global warming. I hope all you people driving your SUVs are happy now that you've doomed us all.

  2. Seriously, my question exactly! Where did it go?

  3. I know what you mean about the time passing more quickly - I think part of it is that we experience each day in comparison to the rest of our lives, so as the years pass the days become shorter. All you can do is make each one count with as much as you can! :)

    And life is definitely too short to have to spend time proving to computers that you're not one of them. (sigh.) Down with captchas!

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    1. I'd love to later on. Right now my life is so crazy I'm not taking on anything I don't have to. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. The way I think of it is thus: In the old days people had more time because they were not distracted with cars, dental appointments, etc.

    Just think about the 80's. Before cell phones we all had more time!

    Flash forward to today. With the advent of technology's many wonders, we have been burdened more than rewarded with an easier life.

    In short, tech (especially phones, computers and gadgets) have consumed a lot of the time we used to spend creating or spending with our families.