Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A week or so ago I was interviewed by Nick Galieti The Good Word, a podcast about new books by LDS authors. Before I share the link to the podcast, I've got tell you about his studio.

It's located in downtown Salt Lake City in the old Sam Weller's bookstore, (now the location of Eborn Books). I found the studio so very unique. I felt almost disoriented as he led me through a labyrinth of book shelves to an obscure corner of the store. He opened what appeared to be a closet door and bid me to enter. Exposed cement beams revealed the age of the century old building. Fabric hung from the crumbling ceiling to soften the lines and add a touch of decorative flair--or perhaps it was there for acoustical purposes. Maybe both. A white leather sofa sat tucked away in the far end of the small room. That's where I sat--quite comfortably I must add. That help ease my nervousness as I experienced my interview. Nick sat kitty-corner in the room, if you can call any spot in the odd-shaped room kitty-corner from anything. He had his mic and all sorts of recording gizmos at his reach. I had a simple microphone positioned in front of my mouth.

The interview went much smoother than I had anticipated. He was very easy and enjoyable to talk with, and was able to pull some responses from me that I had never really thought of before. I enjoyed doing the interview, and I hope you will enjoy listening to it.

Nick Galetti is known for his insightful interviews with LDS authors. You might want to book-mark his site.

Here's the link for the podcast about my book, The Big Debate on the Good Word.


  1. That sounds king of creepy. I'm glad you had a good experience.

    1. It wasn't creepy, though. It was more like, explore-an-old- castle cool.