Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is Blogging a Good Thing or Bad Thing for New Authors?

Last month I finally reached 200 followers on my blog. I should be celebrating, but ironically I'm trying to decide whether to quit blogging or not. My life has taken on a new complication and I'm having all I can do to scrape up time to write my books. I've decided I've got to streamline my life; cut out all of the superfluity. Will that include blogging? I'm not sure yet. I haven't decided yet if blogging is a good or bad thing for new authors.

I originally started blogging because I was told by numerous individuals, at numerous writing conferences, that if you are to be a successful author, you must have a blog. Although I think author blogs are nice, and if I'm a fan of a particular book, occasionally -if I have time--I check out the author's blog. But it certainly isn't a determining factor in my decision to read or buy their book. To me, the number one and two factors in my reading choices is if the book is well written, and has a story I find conducive to my taste. Right now, I feel my writing time would be better spent on molding my manuscript than blogging.

So here's the big question: if I stop blogging, will it affect my writing career adversely? I doubt it will adversely. Perhaps not at all. Will I be sorry if I quit blogging? I don't have an answer to that? Are there bloggers out there that only post once a month? Is that a possibility until I can get past this new complication in my life? Or should I, perhaps, blog about this new venture/complication, even though it has nothing to do with writing, or any of the other "creative" things pictured on my blog header? Or should I use my blogging time to work on my manuscript?

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