Tuesday, July 2, 2013

God's Hand in America's Freedom

This week we celebrate the independence of our great country. Truly it is a day worthy of reminding ourselves that Freedom is one of mankind's greatest possessions. I think most every sane person would concur. I also believe that most people recognize that the Continental Army of the original thirteen colonies received help from above to be able to defeat the greatest military power of the eighteenth century, which ultimately led to our freedom.(This is a choice tidbit of history to me, so much so it was woven into my last book, The Big Debate).

Why is it then, that in some of the school in this country they no longer teach kids about this amazing event in American history? I've heard of schools declaring  it's not necessary to teach about American events previous to 1900. Okay, that might just be a few schools--I don't know the numbers. But I do know that most all schools would never dream of giving credit to the biggest player in the establishment of freedom in these United States: God.

Our forefathers recognized God's hand, so much so that it's declared "In God We Trust" upon the dollar bill and the dime (and more). What has happened to our country that people want to forget this fact of history? My fear is that the day will come when the people of this country will totally forget who gave them their freedom, and that will be the day we will no longer have freedom to enjoy.


  1. I agree! This is the greatest gift we have, and I would feel so devastated if schools stopped teaching about it. Prior to 1900. OK. So we have sad parts in our history. But we have some sad parts now too. How will we ever put it all in perceptive if we don't first recognize God's hand in it all, and second learn about the victories and the deafeats.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Happy Mom (Linda):)