Monday, August 5, 2013

Help Author Anita Stansfield

I have just learned of some disheartening news about author Anita Stansfield. She is an amazing author and I wanted to share her plight in case you can lend some help.

Anita has Celiac Disease, which went undiagnosed for nearly nine years and caused a great deal of damage in several of her body systems. Through the years of treating it, she also had breast cancer and multiple surgeries for that and other reasons. Through all this illness she put out 58 books in 19 years! But because she has a tendency to migraines, that's how her body responds when it's not healthy, and now she spends most of her days on bed rest and is unable to write. Her body and her creative brain have just given out. Her publisher did recently release a book, but it has been 15 months since the last one, and you can imagine what that has done to family finances and her ability to support her family (the local publishing market does NOT support large volume sales or keep a large backlist available so royalties are really not cutting it). Anita has a great doctor who is helping her become healthier, but it will take a lot of time, and she really will not be able to put out a lot of books. In an effort to help her get through this rough patch, her friends have put up some of her previously unpublished books on the Kindle and now they have drastically dropped the prices to increase sales. All proceeds go directed to the family. There is no publisher involved. The first book The Captain of Her Heart is only 99 cents. If you love historical romance with an inspirational tone or any of Anita's books, please consider checking out this series and passing this information on to others who may be interested. Anita is a very loving, generous person (very like the heroines she writes about!) and has given a lot to world of writing. It's really tough to see her in this position after writing so many great books. You can find the URL to the first book here and click on the Amazon links for the others. THANKS!

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