Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little cloud; a big muse

A fluffy tuft of cotton
all alone, but not forgotten,
floating in the morning summer sky.

It catches my attention.
Striking beauty beyond mention,
yet so simple; I can't but wonder why?

The answer: It's God's creation,
a sentence, a quotation
stating pure love for you and I.

As I drove to an appointment yesterday morning, a solitary cloud above the eastern mountains caught my eye and made me smile. My muse was stimulated and I jotted down these verses. Where else would I share them but here? And what's the fun of writing if you can't share it with others?

I found it interesting, the feelings this little cloud invoked within me are similar to ones my MC is experiencing in my current work in progress. (The sequel to The Big Debate, entitled The Big Bang).


  1. I loved that Carolyn! I love the things that catch us by surprise. Thanks for writing!! I read the "introvert" list. I think I'm one as well.

  2. Thanks, Linda.
    And I hope your found the introvert-extrovert info interesting.