Monday, September 9, 2013

Love, Hugs, and Hope: a children's book by Christy Monson

I want to tell my readers about this wonderful new children's book that has just been released. The well-thought-out message of hope and help to children going through hard things is made even more effective by the delightful illustrations. It was written by my good friend and fellow author, Christy Monson. I used to be in a children's book critique group with her, and I always have loved her work. The illustrator is Lori Nawyn, another fellow author/illustrator whom I hold in high regard. I encourage you to check out their book here, (as a flip book link) and buy it if you like it. Also I hope you enjoy the following bio of my dear friend Christy.

Love, Hugs and Hope Author Interview
I was born in Medford, Oregon, and now live in Ogden, Utah. My husband worked for the LDS Church in the Seminary and Institute program. We moved around the United States, living in Utah, Idaho, Michigan, California, Nevada, and finally back in Utah. We raised six children in the process.
After my children were in school, I went back to UNLV to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, setting up a practice in Las Vegas, Nevada.
It took me about a week to write the first draft of this manuscript. I felt so sad for those who had experienced loss in the school shooting at Sandy Hook. Shortly after that a gunman shot up the Clackamas Towne Center in Oregon. Our daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters live about three miles from the center. The parents monitored the events carefully, but turned off all media to protect the kids from knowing about it. However, the next day at school the children were all talking about it, so you can't protect children from knowing about tragedies like this.
As I thought about these two catastrophes, I felt something needed to be written to help parents and children look at disasters like these, be able to share their feelings, and find hope in the world around them.
The title of the book is Love, Hugs, and Hope When Scary Things Happen
Back Cover: What do you do when scary things happen?
Genre: Parent and child's self help picture book.
This is a book about love and light and is meant to help children everywhere begin the process of healing from tragedy.
The child himself is the main character.
This book will be very helpful for parents and children as they discuss various kinds of trouble in a young person's life. Disaster can be the loss of a friend who moves away, the death of a pet, a grandparent who passes from this life--or any number of other events that seem like tragedy to the child experiencing them.
Here is a book review to use if you would like.

"Love, Hugs, and Hope: When Scary Things Happen" is a special understanding kind of book that aims to help children find safe ways to express their feelings when bad things happen. A beautiful two part message is embedded at the core of this lovely book, with perfectly balanced text and illustration. It proclaims: "Love chases away hate (on a valentine held by a penguin) and light chases away the dark (with a lit candle held by a duck in the darkness with stars)." Further pages tell children to cuddle up close with the adults who love them and hug them to help chase away the fear and sadness. "Love, Hugs, and Hope" is available in jacketed hardcover, Kindle, Nook, iPad, and ePub.

You can purchase Christy's book here:
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