Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Love Picture Books--I just wish I had time to create them

I loved reading picture books to my children as they grew up, and now I love reading them to my grandchildren. I also love creating them. I found this old blog post and thought I'd share it with my new followers. Unfortunately, my writing career took me away from working on my illustrating skills, so I never completed my picture book Crook and Nanny, as I had hoped. Sadly, I can't even find it on my computer. Somehow the manuscript got lost as I transferred my files to a new computer. Luckily, Hunter is on Amazon so I'll always have a copy of it regardless of how scatter-brained my becomes.

The following is taken from my blog in December of 2012

I just finished uploading my first picture book onto the web for sale and ordered me a few copies to give as presents. It feels great. Now I can begin my Christmas shopping and housecleaning.

I have written several manuscripts for picture books, but they have remained untouched on my computer collecting cyber dust for a number of years. It seems the publishing world doesn't have a big demand for picture book authors, especially ones who don't illustrate their own work. Because I really wanted to get my picture book stories out there, a few months ago I began learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to help my marginal sketches come to life.

After I created the first few pages of one of my favorite stories, Crook and Nanny, I decided it might be best to test the POD waters by creating a personalized picture book for my grandson for Christmas first. This way I could work out the kinks before I got serious about picture book publishing. I really had fun making it and I learned a lot. I plan on having Crook and Nanny out by next Christmas.

I hope my grandson, Hunter will enjoy it.

If by chance you'd like to buy a copy, it is available on Lulu  (I found Amazon/Createspace was not as conducive to printing picture books as Lulu).

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