Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bogged down with Blogging

I can't say that I'm bogged down with blogging--I hardly ever do it compared with most bloggers out there. But I do feel bogged down with life sometimes, and thus I don't get to the task of blogging like I should. One of these days I hope to be a published author. Everywhere I turn I have been told as an author "you must have a blog." I have to be honest, that's the only reason I started this blog--out of optimism. One day I'm going to be an established author, so I may as well begin establishing a blog. It's been a harder task than I thought. Mostly because I don't have any writing news to talk about. That why I came up with the Mid-Month Make something Madness. But I need more. So I decided to share something else I love to do. I love to rhyme. I've written short poems, long poems and even stories in poem form--but always in rhyme. I never did get off on that free verse stuff. So I'm adding another feature to my blog:

I'll share one of my poems, my good ones, my bad ones--doesn't matter--a different one at the end of each month. So sometime next week (last week of the month) look for my poem entitled, My Friend is a Tree
And don't miss next month's Make something Madness. I'll be sharing my coveted sugar cookie recipe just in time to make some awesome Valentine cookies. Watch for it.

Creatively yours,

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  1. What a good idea. You really are frankly creative!