Friday, January 29, 2010

A Creative Mess is Better Than a Tidy Idleness

Today is my first installment of "Round up the month with a Rhyme." As I mentioned previously, I was going to post a children's book text I had written last year entitled My Friend is a Tree, but I changed my mind. The other day I got a blip of inspiration while I drove my daughter to school. (Sometimes some of my best inspiration comes while doing mindless activities such as driving. Oops, better not tell that to my husband, who pays the insurance, or the cops). Anyway, this quick little verse is what is on my mind, so it is what I'll share now, the end (almost) of January.

"A creative mess

is better than a tidy idleness."

That’s the right kind of saying for me.

I’d rather see a pile of dirty dishes

than a clean house and time for TV.

Those dirty dishes don’t mean

that I’m too lazy or messy to clean.

They merely state, or tout,

that I’ve created a delectable dish

rather than ordered out,

(or warmed up some microwave fish).

And the dust on the shelves doesn’t say,

“I’ve forgotten,” or “I’m lazy today.”

It means I’ve discovered more worth

in a story and giving it birth;

a story that will lift all ages,

and keep them turning the pages,

or in a friend who needs my ear,

or a sick child who wants me near,

or my garden, who says to me,

“I’m beautiful, come and see.”

Now the One who is the most creative of all,

who created this earth; its winter, spring, summer and fall,

and created a plan in which I may return to Him above,

the author of beauty, the author of love,

gave me the gift of creativity.

And dusting just isn’t creative to me.

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  1. I loved it! As I stand looking at my dishes, I can feel better that I'm not lazy but just busy doing more creative things!