Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review deleted

Sorry readers. Last night I posted a review on a most awesome middlegrade book that I just finished. Unfortunately, I was told by the author, Matthew Kirby--a good friend and member of my critique group--that I could blog about his book yet. So I removed it. Scholastic has not yet okayed it to be blogged about, as its release date is not until the first of October. I guess I was so excited about it, after having read it, that I just wanted to blab about how good it was and I kind of forgot that Matt had mentioned something about not talking about it yet. Luckily I don't have too many followers on my blog, so hopefully I won't mess up their marketing plans.

But keep your eyes open later in the year so I can tell you about this wonderful book and its talented local author.


  1. ROFL, well, at least it was good, right? I mean, at least you're POSTIVELY excited about it and not secretly going "do I have to tell anyone about this book? I mean, because I know him, am I obligated?"

    So, it's all a good thing!

  2. That's right. It will be easy to blab about his book, once I am able.