Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've got to get my body back

It's the end of the month. Time to share my feelings with you in rhyme. Lately I've been struggling with osteoarthritis in my knees. It was brought on by what I thought would be a minor surgery about a year ago. The surgery was minor, repairing a torn meniscus, so the doctor did not prescribe any physical therapy for me. That, I realize, was the begining of a downhill march of my overall health. A lot of other factors have been involved. But all in all, I can blame those factors no longer. If it is to be, (my health), it is up to me. I've got to get my body back.

I’ve got to get my body back
Why did I ever let it go,
chowing down on junk food
as I watched my waist line grow?
Breaking the cardinal rule
of eating late at night,
I snacked on fatty foods
and felt my insides fight.
I used to be quite active
in a younger day.
Why did I think I could stop
and keep the pounds away?

It must have to do with age;
a menopausal thing.
My brain went out on strike,
while my body took a fling.
My brain moved my fingers forward
to the donuts and the chips,
while it told my knees they hurt
so my exercising slips.
By the time I’d solved the riddle
of why I felt so bad,
age had won the battle,
destroying the body I once had.

So I’ve got to think and move,
and eat a whole lot better.
Not just to look and fit
good in last year’s sweater.
But to have the strength I need
to accomplish all my dreams,
and enjoy my golden years
without running out of steam.

I can no longer blame my knees;
how they hurt me when I walk,
or try to blame my food,
or my family or the doc.
Neither can I blame
the effects, or lack, of time.
If I want to get my body back,
the responsibility is mine.

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