Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Penny's Worth of Thought

A penny for my thoughts? That’s about all they’re worth, but I’ve decided to share them anyway. So on occasion you will be warned they are coming by means of the banner above.

Friday evening my husband and I visisted some old friends in Springville. We went there so my husband could help them and their two married sons do their taxes. While the men attacked the distasteful task of sorting through receipts and records around the dining room table, us women cuddled up on the couch of the family room and delved into the blissful subject of blogging. (I know that was hardly fair, but . . . who cares? We've washed enough dirty dishes and changed enough disgusting diapers to compensate). During this delightful discussion, these woment encouraged me to share more of my personal thoughts and musings with others via my blog.

I liked the idea, for I do have a lot of fired-up thoughts rattling around in my brain. Back in high school I had my own column in the school paper called Carolyn’s Corner, where I thouroughly enjoyed editorializing topics that left burrs under my collar.

I must admit, I love to ponder. Pondering, after all, is like a key that opens our minds to the whisperings of the Spirit. And it is through those “ah-ha” moments in our thoughts that a conduit is opened up down to our hearts, channeling in tid-bits of truth that are like sprinkles of Accent, (you know—that meat tenderizer). Yes, truths received in this manner softens our hearts. But one might arugue that it takes a soft heart, as opposed to a hard heart, to be able to hear those promtings in our mind.

So here is the million dollar question, or in the case of this blog post, the one cent question--or thought:: which comes first, the open, pondering mind or the soft heart when it comes to receiving the whisperings of the Spirit?


  1. Hmmm. Hmmmm. That is a deep question you've asked. I think that with the soft heart, we become more open to all spiritual guidance, but the asking is what brings us the more specific answers. So I would say soft heart first. But they work together so closely that it's a hard determination to make.

  2. I'm glad you're going to add your "two cents" to your blog. I love pondering myself. I would have to say that I think pondering is what opens up a soft heart...for me at least. For me it goes something like this...whine a little, ponder a little (maybe the soft heart comes at the same time), then hopefully whisperings and comfort (or action!).