Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazon's Breakthrough Noval contest

Tomorrow at 12:01, (10:01 my time), entries will be accepted for the Amazon Breakthrough Noval Award contest. I plan on entering my YA novel Literary Loom. I was just wondering how many of my writing friends are planning on entering as well? I didn't plan on entering this contest until just last Friday. I got thinking, my manuscript is basically finished, it just needs a few last rubs of polish. Why not give it a try? What do I have to lose? If any of you have a finished manusript, and you are not currently published--this is for newbies only--then you might want to give this contest a try. If you happen to place in any of the rounds of elimination, it could be another notch to put on your reseme. If you don't place, you're not out anything, as the cost is $0.00. Here's the link:  .
Just for the heck of it, I'm going to post my 300 word pitch for my readers to see. If any of you who are entering would like to share your 300 word pitch, I would love to read it and allow my followers the same privailage.

Josh Sawyer is not only stuck with a dad who tells him how to live his life, he is stuck in a new high school with a weird girl named Ester for his partner in a historical literature assignment.

Desperate to ace the assignment, Josh agrees to let Ester’s brilliant, but batty uncle help them. Josh and Ester experience book travel with the help of Uncle Reuben’s literary loom. Josh rides alongside Joan of Arc and her army in an unparalleled virtual reality reading adventure and begins to believe in Ester, her uncle, and himself.

Josh aces the assignment and is invited to join debate team, which he thinks will be the solution to all his problems. He soon discovers debate drags him into the throes of even greater problems. The coach, Mr. Pierce, is not only manipulative, but dictates Josh’s beliefs and has an intense resentment toward Ester. Josh stands up to Pierce. Pierce takes disciplinary action in the form of a huge outside-of-school debate—a debate on the existence of God.

Once again Josh recruits the help of the literary loom. He experiences the lives of William Tyndale and George Washington and pieces together a picture of how God’s hand played a role in the freedom of America. Josh goes on to win the debate match against all odds. Pierce is left bitter and revengeful, determined to destroy Josh and the Loom.

Meanwhile, Ester puts together the pieces of a mystery, and frees herself from the ridicule of others. Josh puts together the pieces of history, and learns that he really is free to make his own choices.

Literary Loom is geared to teen readers, but would appeal to any reader with a love of history and a passion for freedom.


  1. Carolyn,

    Good for you for entering the contest. My book is a MG or I'd do it too. I read over your 300 word pitch. It definitely peaks my interest. Two questions: how old is Josh, and is the main conflict of the story his history assignment or going head to head with the debate coach? If it's the debate coach, then start your pitch with that.
    Ex: When 15-year-old Josh Sawyer is challenged to an after-school contest with the high school debate coach who doesn't believe in God, he seeks the help of his friend Ester and her uncle's magical literary loom to draw upon the strength of historical icons such as William Tyndale and George Washington.
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to hurry and make some changes before I submit it in an hour.