Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks Authors Incognito

In a world inundated with selfishness from all quarters, I was reassured today that goodness and empathy still exists.

I have just completed two novels and have them polished to the point that my eyes can do them no more good. Last night, after I realized a certain family member was not going to be the resource I had counted on  to proof-read my books, I decided I needed to find a good beta reader. But asking someone to do something that even a family member wouldn't do left me feeling uncomfortable. I hate to ask for favors.

I became discouraged and ventured down the self-defeating I'll-never-become-a-published-author path. (I'm sure that never happens to any of you other writers out there). After a good night's rest, and some prayer, I felt better this morning. But I still needed to find a reader. I decided to post my need on an aspiring author Yahoo group that I'm associated with, Author's Incognito. Less than an hour later I had four different individuals contact me via e-mail to tell me they would be happy to be a beta reader for me. That made my day and gave me the jolt I needed to keep going.

I want to give a hearty THANK YOU to all those wonderful caring people who are members of Author's Incognito. I know I am not alone in receiving help on this not-so-pleasant path of becoming an author. I see other examples daily on our Yahoo group of help extended to others in a myriad of ways. It is refreshing oasis in a world filled with selfishness.


  1. What a nice post. I've been discouraged too, at times, trying to be "an author." But I've decided there are no nicer people to hang with.

  2. So happy your prayer was answered. You are one of those people on AI who help people out with your comments as well. :)