Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday's Word: Resolutions

When I looked up the word RESOLUTION in the dictionary in preparation to write about about New Year's resolutions, I discovered something I found interesting. The first of many different definitions (don't you just love the English language?), was not the one I was looking for. The definition I sought was down a ways: the thing determined upon; decision as to future action; resolve. But as I re-read that first definition, it gave my quest to accomplish my new year's resolutions a new slant.

That definition reads: the act or process of resolving something or breaking it up into its constituent parts or elements.

Why do most of my, and perhaps other people's New Year's resolutions fail to be accomplished? Because often they are too grandiose. In principle they are great, but in reality they are overwhelming. But if I were to break them up into smaller parts, perhaps they would not be overwhelming and be more easily accomplished. For example, my resolution to lose my Christmas fat. Instead of jumping into a hard core diet right away, perhaps I'll start with a resolution to cut out all junk food first. When my body becomes accustomed to that, I'll move on to another step towards health, etc., etc. And my resolution to find a literary agent, I'll start with polishing one of my manuscripts to the point of dazzlement (is that even a word?). And then I'll take the next step and the next. You get the picture I'm seeing?

I'm excited to get going. How about you? What are your New Year's resolutions, and how will you break them down into manageable steps?

Why do most
New Year's resolutions fail?
Why do they fall apart
before Winter's last stormy gale?
Because they're too big,
difficult, or scary.
So break them up
into a load you can carry!


  1. I heard a story that said that the new year should come a month later. It would make us appreciate both Christmas and the new year better...sort of like giving yourself a little while to gear up to all the new things. So I'll be making resolutions in February for the Chinese new year! Good idea, huh?