Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Words: Small Things

. . . "that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass."  (Alma 37:6)

As I contemplate my smallness in the gigantic collective of current-day authors, I often ask myself, "Will my writing ever make a difference? (For this is my main motivations to write). No one would ever know, or care if I just silently slipped out of the picture."

But the hope contained in that simple scripture keeps me going. True, my books will probably never have the impact of Harry Potter, or even the Book Thief. But if they touch but one reader in a positive way, all my efforts will be worth it. For I know there are many more of my fellow moral conscious authors who feel the same. If I can touch one reader, and each of them can touch one reader, together we can make a difference.

A grain of sand
you can ignore.
But not when combined with wind
and a multitude more.
they can wear down
mountains of stone,
or even create
hills of their own.


  1. You already have made a difference with your stories...even if they were read when they were unpolished and unperfected.

  2. Thanks, Happy Mom, you always make me feel good.