Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Creative Way to Carry Compost

This week's post will be a little different in that I'm not posting about someTHING I've created, rather it's a creative way to do something to make it easier.

In the back yard of the house we gutted and totally renovated last year, we have a large garden space at the bottom of a hill that leads to a stream and wooded area below. The soil is very heavy clay and I knew I needed to add A LOT of compost before I planted anything this year. Problem was, the hill is too steep for our pick up truck--among other concerns about using it to haul compost to the garden. We tried one trip with the wheel barrow, but it was hard to control the load down the steep hill. (It is much steeper than it looks). And to push the empty wheel barrow back up was even harder. So I had an idea.

We shoveled compost from the truck onto a tarp and then pulled the tarp down the hill. Gravity helped in this case rather than hindered.

Then we just pulled the tarp over like we were folding a piece of bread for half a sandwich and it deposited the compost in neat little piles in my garden.

Dragging the empty tarp back up the hill was a breeze.

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