Monday, April 4, 2011

A to Z Blogfest: C is for Calories

Cookies and cakes,
chocolates and cremes;
confections galor
collect in my dreams.
Though cheerful and calm
this culinary chant seems,
it chugs and it churns,
and to my conscience it screams
that my closet and clothes
contain no more room in their seams,
and celery and chard
should compose my calorie teams.


  1. Carolyn-I like your take on the AtoZ challenge. I'm not doing the challenge myself but it's been fun to visit other bloggers. This is a cute poem...and I should eat more celery too (I don't think I could do the chard though :)


  2. Cookie Monster would agree.

  3. Hey Carolyn ~~ a fresh , light-hearted spin on the A~Z Challenge !! I like it !


  4. Love this- and we received the puppets yesterday! My boys had the BEST time playing with them. One of the puppets is now super-accessorized with all the stuff, and the other apparently has no career.

  5. Cute. Cookies are so NOT a sometimes food! If onyl. hehe

    Marie at the Cheetah