Thursday, April 14, 2011

A to Z Blogfest: L is for Laundry

I wish laundry day
would stay away.
Or better yet, the laundry would do itself.

The colors would crawl
into piles big and small
from heaping hampers or where it'd been stuffed on the shelf.

It'd be great
if the socks would mate
and generate rather than shrink.

There'd be no stains,
no pre-spotting pains,
nor would the clothes ever stink.

They'd walk to the washer,
dash into the dryer,
then fold and put themselves away.

I'd ignore the strange,
and the pocket change
if my laundry day could be that way.


  1. Wonderful to read and very cleverly written.

    Thanks for the comment, I value every one I recieve.

  2. Another super clever poem. I agree 100%.