Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A to Z Blogfest: P is for Potato Chips (Also Prize for my book giveaway)

Potato chips are my favorite pig-out prize,
along with peanuts, popcorn, pumpkin pies,
pralines, pizza, and sweet potato fries.
If I persist on partaking you can safely surmise
pernicious health problems will probably arise.
And if my pants are pushed to a portly size,
it pretty much won't be a peculiar surprise.
P is also for Prize. I will now announce the winner of my Hazzardous Universe Contest. The PRIZE goes to:
Damsel in DisDress, Margot Hovely
Margot, if you happen to read this post shoot me an e-mail or a comment with your address so that I can mail the book to you. In the mean time I will try and contact you. Thanks, everyone, for entering. Watch for my next month's contest. I will be giving away a big puppet. Hey, that's a P word too.

1 comment:

  1. It's not even 8 in the morning yet and now I want snacks--yummy! I might add fresh pretzels and pickles (big, fat, crunchy ones) too.