Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Plant

This past weekend I was finally able to plant my garden. It's no wonder that the word that moved me this week is the word PLANT. Here are my thoughts on that word.

To me, it's a viseral verb
or a life-giving noun.
To others it might be
a factory on the edge of town.
Regardless of your choice,
I have need to give voice
to the verb, a word of renoun.
To PLANT one usually begins with a seed,
whether a squash or a weed,
a good thought or good deed,
or a character in need.
Each then grows into somthing more,
something much larger than before.
But it never could have been
without planting that seed way back when.


  1. Nice thoughts! Congrats on getting things planted. We're still hoping to dry out.

  2. I love the way you captured the varied connotations of the word ~~ I am hopeless when it comes to plants .
    A few years ago , I had a small potted cactus which died on me ~~ need I say more ?

  3. Most of you words have to to do with nature, of course that makes sense you are my mom. (love my tree hugging mom <3)