Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Rain

This week's word has got to be rain.

But it isn't because I want to complain.
Yes, dismal, dark days are growing quite old,
and my basement steps are now growing mold.
But beneath their dark linings, the clouds show some white,
and every few days they allow the sun's light
to peek through with blue and dry out the rain
and bring color to Earth's every terrain.
True, good weather'd be nice to have everyday;
have the storms and the wind stay far away.
But endless sun would dry-up the earth,
fry the plants, prevent their new birth.
Just like anything worthwhile to know,
there must be opposition in order to grow.


    Don't you think all the rain has made those nice days seem even more beautiful?

  2. We had snow over the Memorial Day weekend. And rain. :) Hope the sun has come out since.