Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday's Word this week: Green

A few days ago, before all the rain, after all that other rain, as I went walking I was delighted by the varying shades of green that I saw along the trail. It was like candy for my eyes, treating them with a visual treat. I decided that this week's word had to be GREEN.

Chartrueuse, moss, or pine,
shades of green define
the fresh landscapes of spring
and the new life they bring
to tired eyes like mine
after months of wintertime.

So when someone calls me green
in my development of scene,
or character, plot, or voice,
I think it's a lovely choice.
For as a new writer I know
if I'm green,
I'm full of life, ready to grow.


  1. Great poem. I love all the green too.

  2. Lovely! Green's my favorite color.

  3. Green is one of the best colors, and how appropriate considering the color of your blog :) Green is also supposed to be a very calming color, and who doesn't love some peace and nice weather reminders?