Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Several bloggers are particiapating in this bloghop as a way to promote and celebrate Alana Johnson's debut novel, Obsession. Because this book is about a girl who goes against the rules, we are supposed to share a story of a time that we broke the rules. To do this, the easiest thing for me is to dig up a story from when I was about the same age as the protaganist of Alana's book--those good old teenage years.

As a senior in high school, I was the studentbody secretary, so I could roam around the halls in the middle of class and get away with it--student council business. One time, me and another girl on the council got so bored in one of our classes, we skipped not only class, but school, trucking on over (literally, because I drove my dad's old beat-up Ford pickup) to a neighboring city and highschool to visist some boys we knew there. We told our friend to cover for us in the attendance office, telling whoever might ask, that we were on student council business.
I realize this sounds boring and anticlimatic, but hey, my life was kind of squeeky clean in high school, and then just plain boring as an adult.

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  1. Hey, don't knock boring! I know quite a few people who didn't do squeaky clean and/or boring, and now they are reaping the *very unpleasant* rewards.