Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday's Word: Pie

Yesterday I made three pies, one for a critique group member's birthday, one for a picnic tonight, and one for my family. With all of those pies in front of my eyes, I just had to make this week's word: Pie.

Pies are fun to make and fun to eat.
They're fun to take when you need a treat.
You can fill them with fruit
or with pudding chocolaty and sweet,
or with carrots and potatoes
and savory meat.
But pies are also
like people we meet.
They can be flaky on the outside,
but within hold a treat.
So don't let people or pie
pass you by,
without peering inside
to see what resides.


  1. Yay! You're bringing one to the picnic! What kind? Oh, really it doesn't matter, since I like them all.

  2. So true. Nice rhyme and message. Carolyn, I awarded you the Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award on my blog. Come check it out at